A Ventilating Fan is often an item that many new homeowners do not put much thought into until they have moved in. Why? Many of you must be wondering why do we need a ventilating fan in the first place? What is the purpose of it? You’ve come to the right place. Through this post, we will be sharing with you the importance of a ventilating fan and how to install it.


Due to the hot and humid weather in Singapore, it is difficult for moisture to dissipate in your bathroom even if you have your windows fully opened. It is not uncommon to see your windows or mirrors filled up with steam and water droplets after a relaxing shower. But hey! These could pose a threat to your bathroom over time.


Excess moisture encourages the growth of mould which results in foul smell, faster wear & tear as well as an unhealthy environment to live in. Hence, investing in a ventilating fan is quite essential in improving the overall air quality.


The importance of ventilating fan


KDK offers 2 types of window mount ventilating fan that is suitable for Singapore HDB. They can be installed over a window opening which allows air to be extracted without the need for any ducting.

  1. WUD Series (Without Louver)
  2. WHPCT Series (With Louver)


Here’s a few things you should know:


Fan sizing


Firstly, measure your window size to make sure if the size of the fan fits your window. Both sizes of the fans are suitable for HDB windows. The bigger the size of the fan, the stronger the circulation of air. However, do note that some rectangular shaped windows might not be able to accommodate bigger sized fans. To ensure better spaces allowance, do check out for the installation space required for each model.



Fan Specification

For optimal effectiveness, you may want to consider its air volume. The lower the air volume, the less powerful it is. In other words, a bigger fan will have a higher air volume and will be more effective for a bigger than normal bathroom area.



How does KDK Ventilating Fan installation works?

You must next be wondering how do you perform the installation for a ventilating fan? Do I need to remove my glass panel before getting started? Is there a need for HDB approval? Allow us clear your doubts, read on to find out more! 

First of all, the good news about the window mount ventilation fan installation is that you do not need HDB approval! According to HDB, installation of a ventilating fan is allowed, provided no changes are made to the original window. KDK installation works involve the fabrication of a custom-made acrylic panel that will allow the ventilating fan to be placed over the window. Hence, there is no need for any removal of the glass panel. 

Let us walk you through the step-by-step installation: 

Step 1: KDK recommended installer will measure the size of your window and cut out the shape of the ventilating fan on an acrylic panel.

Step 2: The ventilating fan will be installed on the acrylic panel 

Step 3: Drilling of holes on all 4 corners of the acrylic panel 

Step 4: Installing it up on your bathroom window 

Step 5: Ta-da! You can now enjoy a well-ventilated bathroom! 



*The installation fee includes an on-site survey, fabrication of acrylic panel, tapping on your existing wiring, and installation work. 

More images can be found at: https://www.kdk.sg/imagegallery/kdk-ventilation-fan.html