Ventilation Fan

The Window-mount Series


Purposeful. Reliable. Powerful

Pull String Type

  • 15WUD
  • 20WUD

Advanced Blade Design

The new blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principle that minimizes any obstacle against airflow

Leading Edge

Streamlines airflow from every direction

Air Foil Chip

Rear edge of the Air Foil Chip reduces turbulence Front Edge smoothen airflow, minimizes fan noise

Louver Type

  • 15WHPCT
  • 20WHPCT

High Performance Mtor

and Bearing

New models adopt high performance condenser motor and long life bearing that prolongs product durability.

increased Lifetime

Up to 60,000 Hours

Energy Efficient

Reduced power consumption by 13%

Safeguard The Interest

of You and Your Loved Ones

Singapore KDK models come with the Safety Mark which certifies our products meet stringent safety standards. In addition, a Capital Distributors warranty is included