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Service Charges

Installation Charges*

  • Basic installation charges for Ceiling Fans from $60 (per set) inclusive of transport.
  • Basic installation charges for 15WHPCT Ventilating Fan from $200 (per set) inclusive of customised acrylic board, spacers and transport.

    *Installation charges based on KDK recommended installers, subject to other installers and on-site conditions. Charges exclude the cost of the fan. Price exclude GST.


Delivery Charges

  • $10 per trip.
  • Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm.

    Payment to be made in advance. Delivery charges inclusive of 7% GST.


After-Sales Service Charges

  • On-Site Charges: $58.85 per set, per location (only on Weekdays from 9am - 5.30pm, except Public Holidays) inclusive of transport and labour.
  • In-House Charges: $21.40 per set (customers are required to bring in item for service)

    After-Sales Service Charges are strictly for Labour and Transportation only, excluding repair charges, cost of spare parts or any mechanism required to repair/service the product.


Diagnostic Charges

  • $10.70


Applicable only for In-House After-Sales Service Charge. Diagnostic Charge will be offset from In-House Service Charges if customer agrees to proceed with repair services.

For all spare parts, please call (65) 6288-9190 or email to check for stock availability to avoid any disappointment.

Refer to Spare Parts page for more details.

Prices include GST, quoted in Singapore dollars. Information accurate as of May 2012.