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General Enquiries
What is the address and operating hours of our KDK Showroom & Customer Care Centre?

We are located at 9 Tagore Lane #02-31/32/33, 9 @ Tagore Singapore 787472 (Take the lift to Level 2A)

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 5.30pm

How many KDK Customer Care Centres are there in Singapore?
There is only one Customer Care Centre in Singapore
How do I get to the KDK Showroom & Customer Care Centre by Public Transport?

By Bus: You may take Bus 860, 167, 980, 169 and 138 before walking over to 9@Tagore Building

By Train: The nearest train station would be Ang Mo Kio Station (NS16). You will then have to take either Bus 138 or Bus 169 from the interchange

What modes of payment are available at our Showroom & Customer Care Centre?
Our modes of payment include Cash, Credit Card (Master & Visa), Nets, GrabPay & PayNow
Can I purchase KDK Products at our Showroom?
Yes, you will be able to do so. However, you will not be able to collect your purchase immediately. You may choose to self-collect your purchase on another day or have it delivered to you at a charge of $10 (inclusive of GST) per trip.
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KDK Products
How many years of warranty is given for purchases of KDK products?
KDK Products are fully warrantied against manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Are you able to provide installation services for KDK products?
Yes, we are able to arrange for installation services with our network of service partners. For more details, you may contact us at 6288 9190.
Can I purchase KDK products from Malaysia?
Please note that KDK products purchased from Malaysia do not come with a recognized warranty against manufacturing defects. Hence, we will not be able to provide any form of support in terms of repair, servicing and sale of spare parts and accessories.

Furthermore, KDK products purchased from Malaysia are not affixed with the Safety Mark. This means that their products have not undergone the rigorous testing requirements by Enterprise Singapore.
Am I able to visit your showroom and arrange for a consultation with your technical advisors?
Yes, you may schedule for a free consultation with our technical advisors. You can choose to contact us at 6288 9190 or email us at to schedule an appointment.
Are you able to provide onsite consultation for your customers?
Yes, our service partners are able to provide onsite consultation upon request. The charge will be $30 per visit but will vary for locations such as Sentosa & Jurong Island.
For general enquiries on KDK Products, who should I contact?
You may contact us at 6288 9190 or email us at
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KDK Ceiling Fans
Would you be able to advise me on which model of ceiling fan will best suit my home?
We can arrange for our service partners to drop by your home for a site survey. The charge for this will be $30 per visit. Alternatively, you may also visit our showroom with your floor plan and seek assistance from our technical advisors. To schedule for an appointment, you may either contact us @ 6288 9190 or email us at
Do your ceiling fans operate in both directions? (Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise)
Our ceiling fans operate in only an anti-clockwise direction.
Do you sell the Mounting Assembly, Bracket or Hook as accessories?
For ceiling fan models W56WV, T60AW, U48FP, U60FW, R48SP & M11SU, the full mounting assembly is available for purchase.
Do you have any models of ceiling fan with LED light?
Yes, we do. Our ceiling fan models U48FP & U60FW are fitted with LED light.
Can the LED light on your ceiling fan be switched off separately?
Yes, it can be done through the remote control. You will be able to turn off and on the light by pressing the “Light Mode” button on the remote control.
Is there a possibility of more than 1 set of ceiling fan being activated by the same remote control?
Yes, ceiling fans of similar or same models can be powered on and off by the same remote control especially if located near one another within the same premise.
Is it compulsory to install a main on & off switch for each ceiling fan?
We encourage our customers to install a separate on & off switch for each ceiling fan and not tag on the light source or wiring.
Will I be able to use the remote control and speed-controlled regulator at the same time for my ceiling fans?
We regret to inform you this is not allowed. There is a high risk of components malfunctioning with time.
Does the one-year warranty cover the remote control of the ceiling fan?
The 1-year warranty does not cover the remote control. In addition, fan blades, regulators and the cosmetic section of the ceiling fans are also not covered as part of the warranty.
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Installation of Ceiling Fan
Are there any additional installation charges besides the charge for standard installation that I might need to take note of?
For home owners with false ceiling, you may like to take note of the charge for false ceiling reinforcement which is typically around $250 per fan.
How much is the cost for the standard installation of a ceiling fan?
The cost of a standard installation will be $60 per fan.
What does the standard installation comprise of?
Standard installation includes connecting and mounting of the new fan on an existing electrical point. It will also include removal and disposal of your old ceiling fan. All other scope of work such as installation of new electrical point or reinforcement of false ceiling will not be covered.
Will I be able to install the ceiling fan on my own?
We strongly encourage you to engage a licensed installer to perform the installation.
Will I be able to install a ceiling fan on my false ceiling?
If your existing false ceiling has been re-enforced properly, there is no issue with installing a ceiling fan. Our authorized installers are able to assist with the false ceiling re-enforcement at $250++ per point.
Are you able to help with the wiring if I do not have an electrical point on my ceiling?
Yes, our service partners charges a rate of $80 to $120 per electrical point. The price will vary depending on the length of the wiring needed. An on & off switch can also be installed at $20 per switch if required.
Are you able to help relocate my old ceiling fan to a different room?
We will be able to help if your old fan is a KDK model. The standard installation charge will be $60 per fan. Additional charges are applicable if required.
Who should I call if I meet with issues after installation of my ceiling fan?
Installation carried out by our service partners comes with a 3-month workmanship guarantee. If you encounter any issues with your ceiling fan after installation, kindly contact the installer directly.
Would you be able to provide painting and patching of my ceiling after installation?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide such services.
Is it necessary to add any balancing kit during installation of my ceiling fan?
KDK ceiling fans do not require installers to add any form of balancing kit during installation. Installers can choose to do pitching for models M48SG, M60SG & M56SR & attempt swopping of fan blades for the rest of the KDK ceiling models if fan wobbles.
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Shell Escape Redemption
Where and how should I redeem KDK products under the Shell Escape Card Promotion?
Shell Escape Card Members can redeem KDK products at our KDK Showroom & Customer Care Centre located at 9 Tagore Lane #02-31/32/33, 9 @ Tagore Singapore 787472 (take lift to level 2A). Please bring along your Shell Escape Card for the redemption. You may also like to contact us @ 6288 9190 to enquire on the model and stock availability.
Can Shell Card Members opt for other KDK products besides those that are under the Shell Escape Redemption Promotion?
Shell Escape Card Members are welcomed to do so. However, do contact 6288 9190 for us to make the necessary arrangements before you proceed to visit us to make the redemption.
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Spare Parts & Accessories
Where will I be able to purchase spare parts and accessories?

For spare parts and accessories, you may choose to either purchase them directly from our Spare Parts Sales Centre located at 9 Tagore Lane #02-33, 9@Tagore Singapore 787472 (Take lift to Level 2A) or order them Online via Kindly note that purchases via our online store will be accompanied with a transportation charge of $10 (inclusive of GST) per delivery.

Is there any warranty for purchases of spare parts or accessories?
There is no warranty for any spare parts or accessories purchased.
Can I request for a refund/exchange or return if I purchased the wrong spare part or accessory?
There is no refund or exchange allowed for the purchase of incorrect spare parts and accessories.
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Repair & Servicing
What should I do if my KDK product becomes faulty?
You may send in your KDK products to our Customer Care Centre for a diagnosis.
Would I be able to service or repair products of other brands at your Customer Care Centre?
We are only able to provide servicing and repair for KDK products only
What are the charges for servicing of KDK products at our Customer Care Centre?

Our Customer Care staff will collect a diagnostic charge of $10.70 (inclusive of GST) for every KDK product received at our Customer Care Centre. We will then advise you on cost of repair after the diagnosis has been completed.

How long does it take for the repair and servicing of my KDK product?
It will take approximately a week. The duration may be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of the issue.
Am I able to request for you to collect my KDK product and send it down to your Customer Care Centre for servicing?
Yes, we are able to provide the above service. The charge will be $37.45 (inclusive of GST) which includes $21.40 for servicing and $16.05 for transportation (collect fan only, 1-way trip).
Am I able to request for you to have the repair and servicing be done at my location (applicable to ceiling fans only)?
Yes, we are able to provide on-site servicing. The charge will be $58.85 (inclusive of GST) which includes the repair and servicing cost of $26.75 per fan and transportation charge of $32.10
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