U-Series Ceiling Fan

with  LED Lighting

Ceiling fans create a strong airflow and improve the circulation of air generated by air conditioning systems. Incorporated with over a century of wind and air moving know-how, KDK ceiling fans combine innovative functionality with contemporary design.


With the selection of colours, the LED Lighting allows you to create various moods & atmosphere.



Determine your choice of brightness of the LED Lighting on the U48FP.


Energy Efficient Direct Current Motor

of The Highest Quality

Savings of up to 50% in power consumption as compared to AC motors. KDK DC motors
are silent and lightweight, providing the best in class performance.


Your Way

Different brightness (U48FP) and colour selections are available.With the contemporary interior, they can foster a charming atmosphere to any room

Different colour selections only apply for U60FW

World’s First

Patented Safety Design

First in the world to produce a patented safety design that prevents blades from falling,
thereby assuring the safety of your loved ones

Cut-off Safety




Fall Prevention


Safeguard The Interest

of You and Your Loved Ones

Singapore KDK models come with the Safety Mark which certifies our products meet stringent safety standards. In addition, a Capital Distributors warranty is included

Engineering Masterclass

Our unique 3D blades are designer to provide strong and powerful airflow while maintaining operating noise at extremely low levels.

Innovative Japanese Technology

Recreating the fluctuating pattern that exist in gentle breezes,
creating an optimal and comfortable environment.