Various length & efficient air distance

  • 150cm
    up to 4m efficient distance
  • 120cm
    up to 4m efficient distance
  • 90cm
    up to 4m efficient distance

Feature Highlight

Contemporary Design

Energy Efficient

Highly Durable

Easy Maintenance

Wide, Uniform Airflow

The new Hybrid Cross Flow Fan allows for airflow distribution to be wide and uniform within the air streem, while maintaining volume output and low noise level.

Odor Shielding

prevents odors from special function rooms such as vegetable preparation rooms and chemical labs.

Insect Proofing Effect

Checks out annoying, harmful and germ-laden insects to maintain the required health and sanitation standards in spaced areas.

Dust Proofing Effect

Screens out dirt and dust from streets and maintains a clean environment for food and clothing stores.

Safeguard The Interest

of You and Your Loved Ones

Singapore KDK models come with the Safety Mark which certifies our products meet stringent safety standards. In addition, a Capital Distributors warranty is included