Cashback Reward System

With our new KDK Cashback System, you will earn back a percentage of the money you spend while shopping. They’re stored in yout account until you choose to redeem them for your next purchase.

How to earn e-credits?

Whenever you purchase any KDK product (except spare parts) from the KDK Online Store, you earn e-credit cashback instantly (exclude GST).


  • E-credit are valid for 2 years from the date of issuing
  • Issuing of E-credit are only after your order status is completed
  • E-credit is calculated based on the net purchase (before GST) of your order
  • Past purchases are not eligible for redemptions

How to redeem e-credits?

Your KDK e-credit can be redeemed at the checkout page during your next purchase.
You can choose the amount of e-credit to offset using the form at the end of the checkout page.

How to check your e-credit balance?

Your KDK e-credit balance can be viewed when you log into your KDK account.
Under the “Rewards” section, you can easily check your current e-credit balance as well as your recent transactions, e-credit redemption, etc.

Can I earn cashback if I am not a member of KDK?

Unfortunately, you will have to create an account with KDK before earning the cashback.

KDK reward points system still exist?

KDK rewards point system no longer exist and will be ceased.

What if I still have reward points with KDK?

KDK will convert your current points to e-cash for you and it will be valid for 2 years.

How can I check my balance?

You may check it under My Account > my rewards.