A ceiling fan is an essential electronic appliance for every household. KDK offers a wide variety of options, so choosing the right ceiling fan may not be an easy task. Regardless of whether you’re buying for the first time or replacing an old fan, furnishing a space indoors or outdoors, there’s a lot to consider. To help you along this journey, we’ve written a short guide on how to choose the right ceiling fan for you.

Here's a few things you should know:

Size & Clearance

Firstly, as a general rule for optimal performance, a minimum clearance of 60cm – 80cm and above from the tip of the blades to the nearest ceiling fixture (e.g. as concise/false ceilings, L boxes/Beams, etc.) is required for the installation of a ceiling fan. This is to ensure better air circulation and cooling.

Otherwise, you may encounter the following:

  1. Wobbling of fan
  2. Unnecessary Noise
  3. No air movement
  4. Shadows or flickering effect
The table below shows the various sizes of KDK Ceiling Fans and their required clearance

Model Size of fan Minimum area needed
M11SU 110cm 170 cm2 – 190 cm2
M48SG 120cm 180 cm2 – 200 cm2
R48SP 120cm 180 cm2 – 200 cm2
U48FP 120cm 180 cm2 – 200 cm2
E48GP 120cm 180 cm2 – 200 cm2
E48HP 120cm 180 cm2 – 200 cm2
M56SR 140cm 200 cm2 – 220 cm2
V56VK 140cm 200 cm2 – 220 cm2
W56WV 140cm 200 cm2 – 220 cm2
M60SG 150cm 210 cm2 – 230 cm2
T60AW 150cm 210 cm2 – 230 cm2
U60FW (long pipe) 150cm 210 cm2 – 230 cm2
U60FW (short pipe) 150cm 210 cm2 – 230 cm2
Z60WS 150cm 210 cm2 – 230 cm2

The length of the fan is from the tip of one blade to other.

Room with high ceiling requires more powerful ceiling fans to promote air circulation.

The table below shows the minimum height required by various Ceiling Fan Models.

Model Height of ceiling
M11SU Min. 2.6m
U60FW (short pipe)
U60FW (long pipe) Min. 3m and above

Please note that we are unable to conduct on-site servicing on ceilings above 3.6m.

Standard installation includes connecting and mounting of the new fan on an existing electrical point. It will also include removal of your old ceiling fan. All other scopes of work such as reinforcement of the false ceiling, installation of new electrical point, supply of on & off switch will not be covered.

Kindly be noted that if your existing ceiling fan is using a speed regulator, the wiring of the speed regulator has to be bypassed (disconnected), if your purchase is a remote-controlled model. Speed regulator cannot be used on remote-controlled models. Otherwise, warranty will be voided.

In some cases, ceiling fans can be installed on false ceilings. However, this requires a false ceiling that has been re-enforced properly. Otherwise, our authorized installers can assist with the false ceiling re-enforcement if required. We would recommend that ceiling fans be mounted on the main ceiling rather than a false ceiling. This eliminates vibrations and noise which may occur when mounted on a false ceiling.

Now with all this information in hand should ultimately help you to find the right ceiling fan for your space and last for years and years. Keep Cool with KDK, the trusted fan brand for generations!