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  1. KDK Fans for our Home – U48FP

    Read to find out how Steven Teo, The Perfect Father decision to invest in KDK ceiling fan and why he has his reservations about installing ceiling fans in the beginning. From a 3-room HDB flat to a HDB jumbo unit, the renovation may look tough but Steven Teo has his way. He initially planned on only getting just one KDK U48FP DC motor black ceiling fan for their living room and another in their junior master bedroom since they will be installing new air-condition system for the entire house. But having stayed at the new unit for the past month, and they realize that the installation of ceiling fans was truly one of their best decision ever! The breeze generated by the fan, even on low speed was cooling and surpasses any standing fans they had and not to mention that it help to save on their utilities bill!

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    KDK Fans for our Home – U48FP
  2. For a cooler, safer home {Review of KDK ceiling fan Part I}

    I vividly remember the time when the hubby and I were talking about renovation plans for our previous house. He suggested installing a ceiling fan in our living room and my first reaction was "Noooooo, I don't think it will be aesthetically pleasing at all." You see, I've never used a ceiling fan at home in my life at that time and somehow, it just reminded me of a boring classroom setting. In my mind, I was so sure that it wouldn't look nice and would instead look unappealing and out of place. Nonetheless, I relented and we ended up with a ceiling fan in our living room. I must tell you, it actually turned out to be one of the best decisions we made.
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    For a cooler, safer home {Review of KDK ceiling fan Part I}
  3. 4 Reasons Why I Love My KDK Ceiling Fans (Discount Code In Post!)

    I used to be one of those people who thought to myself that I would NEVER ever install ceiling fans in my house. But now as I got older (and wiser), I understood it was because I didn’t know any better then. Ceiling fans are like the best invention ever and every household should have them installed, I say! In my new house, I installed a total of two KDK T60AW ceiling fans in the living room as my living room is very long, and a KDK U48FP ceiling fan in each of the three bedrooms. I’ve been using KDK fans in my house for as long as I can remember – Mostly standing ones though. But their quality is undeniable – I even brought over the two KDK standing fans from my previous house because they were still working perfectly even after 7 years of using them! Now in the new house, it can get quite stuffy and warm in the afternoons because we are only on the 4th floor, so the new ceiling fans are our lifesavers!
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    4 Reasons Why I Love My KDK Ceiling Fans (Discount Code In Post!)
  4. The fan for all your needs {Review of KDK ceiling fan Part II}

    In my previous post, I shared with you my experience with ceiling fans and how they have evolved into a necessity in our home. For our new nest, we don't just have one ceiling fan; in fact, we have four - one for our living room, one for the master bedroom, one in the kid's room and one for the in-laws' studio. Yup, both my in-laws are strong advocates of ceiling fans because they truly believe that these fans are practical and they will choose a ceiling fan over an air conditioner in a heartbeat.

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    The fan for all your needs {Review of KDK ceiling fan Part II}