I used to be one of those people who thought to myself that I would NEVER ever install ceiling fans in my house. But now as I got older (and wiser), I understood it was because I didn’t know any better then. Ceiling fans are like the best invention ever and every household should have them installed, I say! In my new house, I installed a total of two KDK T60AW ceiling fans in the living room as my living room is very long, and a KDK U48FP ceiling fan in each of the three bedrooms. I’ve been using KDK fans in my house for as long as I can remember – Mostly standing ones though. But their quality is undeniable – I even brought over the two KDK standing fans from my previous house because they were still working perfectly even after 7 years of using them! Now in the new house, it can get quite stuffy and warm in the afternoons because we are only on the 4th floor, so the new ceiling fans are our lifesavers!

After a week of living in the new house, here are 4 reasons why I love my KDK ceiling fans (and why you should get them for your house too!):

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the reasons why I used to dislike ceiling fans is because I think they ‘spoil’ the overall look of the house. But ceiling fan designs have come so far and the KDK ceiling fans in my house are sleek and definitely blend in well with the interior design of the house. They are no longer eyesores, but can even add aesthetical brownie points!

Coincidentally, the color of the T60AW ceiling fans are in the same shade of grey as the feature wall in the living room, which thrilled me to no end when I realized it!

2. 1/f Yuragi Function

The T60AW ceiling fans come with the 1/f Yuragi function, which is a sophisticated formula in varying air velocity and controlling wind force. Its unique fluctuating pattern presents a peaceful and comfortable breeze, and incorporated with a human-concerned technology, this kind of rhythm also maintains the external body temperature and keeps you in a better and more relaxed physical condition. It’s no wonder Jayne fell asleep several times on the sofa in the living room with the fan on!

3. Eco-Friendly & Safe For The Family

The T60AW ceiling fan is fitted with eco mode by temperature sensor, so it can adjust accordingly to the needs of the environment. Its 1st Patented Safety Design equipped with safety plate, safety wire, cut-off safety switch and thermal safety fuse will ensure additional safety for the family. Singapore KDK fans carry the Spring Singapore Safety Mark for added protection. Safety is always our first consideration when it comes to choosing household appliances, so I will always choose KDK for a peace of mind and assurance.

4. User-Friendly With Many Options

Every ceiling fan in the house comes with its own wireless remote control. I can easily adjust the fan speed and lighting brightness from there. The T60AW ceiling fans in the living room are not fitted with lighting because I’ve got down lights installed, but for the bedrooms, we opted for the U48FP ceiling fans that come fitted with Cool Daylight Lamp. I especially love it that there are three different brightness I can choose, which I use for different purposes. When the kids are reading or doing their work, the brightest option is used, but when they are just playing toys or hanging out in the room, we usually opt for the second level of brightness so that it is more cosy. The lowest brightness is rather dim and is perfect as a night light when they sleep!

The unique 3D blade design provides smoother and stronger air flow while maintaining operating noise in low level, so you virtually cannot hear any sound when the fans are in operation, which is just perfect for bedrooms. Nothing irritates me more than noisy ceiling fans! There are also 9 (yes, nine!) fan speeds to choose from, so you can choose an option that works best for you. The fans also come with Sleep Mode with On and Off timer functions – So convenient and useful especially for families with kids.

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