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How does a ventilating fan affect your quality of life?

It's a myth that pollution only affects us when we're outside, but poor air quality can have adverse effects on our mental and physical health indoors too - a fact that is not widely known.

Many people believe that a bathroom ventilating fan serves the primary function of removing odour from a bathroom, however it does so much than that. It extracts out warm, moist air after every shower - hence preventing the growth of mould and odour.

What affects your indoor air quality?

Stale Air

Stale air are often caused by inadequate ventilation. When we start to smell stale air, we're actually smelling an accumulation of airborne contaminants.


Warm, humid air, caused by running hot water for baths and showers, is a perfect environment for mould growth.

Excessive Moisture

Toilets are prone to excessive moisture buildup that increases the likelihood of damaging toilet walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures.

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How do KDK Installation Works?

Standard installation does not cover installation of new electrical line, on & off switch. In the event that the window size is bigger than 550mm x 600mm, the customer is required to top up the balance.

For full T&Cs, kindly refer to our General Terms & Conditions


What is covered under the standard installation package?

The package will include the onsite measurement and fabrication of an acrylic panel that is custom fitted to your window opening. The ventilating fan will then be installed on this acrylic panel. Wiring works will also be included

What is the recommended model of KDK ventilating fans for bathrooms of BTO flats?

Window mounted ventilating fans are recommended. They can be installed over a window opening which allows air to be extracted without the need for any ducting.

How do I select the right size of ventilating fan for my window?

All our window mounted ventilating fans are suitable for HDB windows. The bigger the size of the fan, the stronger the air circulation.

Would I need HDB’s approval to install a ventilating fan in my bathroom?

According to HDB, installation of a ventilating fan is allowed provided no changes are made to the original window. Our standard installation would involve the fabrication of a custom-made acrylic panel that will allow the ventilating fan to be placed over the window.

Hence, no approval will be required.

What does the warranty cover?

KDK Products are fully warrantied against manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Who should I call if I meet with issues after installation of my ventilating fan?

Installation carried out by our service partners comes with a 3-month workmanship guarantee. If you encounter any issues with your ventilating fan after installation, kindly contact the installer directly.

Are there any additional charges besides the charge for standard installation that I might need to take note of?

The list of additional charges will include:

  1. Installation of new electrical line - $80-$120
  2. Installation of on & off switch - $20 per switch
  3. For windows bigger than 550mm x 600mm

All Additional charges to be quoted and paid onsite

Can the ventilating fan and toilet light be on the same switch?

Yes, our service partner will tap the electricity from your existing bathroom light such that operation of the ventilating fan and bathroom light will happen together.

Can I have the ventilating fan with an independent switch?

Yes. Kindly refer to question 7 for the list of additional charges.

Will the ventilating fans be noisy?

Due to KDK’s advanced blade design, you can be promised that our ventilating fan operates under low noise levels.