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Smart Cooler

Mist Cooling Technology


Mist Cooling Technology

KDK Mist Cooling Technology improves air circulation and lowers room temperature. It uses water particles to effectively reduce unpleasant odours. A mist generator (patent pending) delivers ultra-fine mist particles that can be felt but not seen.




HEPA filter can capture 99.97% of 0.3 um particles. The HEPA composite filter can inhibit 17 kinds of virus, bacteria and allergen up to 99%. KDK Smart Cooler can detect haze with PM2.5 fine particles and auto runs on a powerful 'Hi' mode to effectively filter out the harmful airborne particles. Removal performance of filter only

Evaporative Cooler


Mist Cooler

A typical evaporative cooler

cools the air by evaporating water. This result in a mixture of air and water molecules. It uses a fan to draw air through a wetted media, which provides a large surface area for the evaporation of water into the air.

A smart cooler

adopts unique KDK Mist Technology to efficiently lower room temperature. The mist produced absorbs warm air while humidifying filters providers an area for further evaporation. The Dual Cooling System improves efficiency, thus differing greatly from typical evaporative air coolers.

Endorsed by

British Allergy Foundation

Certification and "Seal of Approval" endorsed Approved that the KDK Air Cleaner has significantly reduced allergen contact.

Safeguard The Interest

of You and Your Loved Ones

Singapore KDK models come with the Safety Mark which certifies our products meet stringent safety standards. In addition, a Capital Distributors warranty is included