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KDK Ceiling Fans

Would you be able to advise me on which model of ceiling fan will best suit my home?

We can arrange for our service partners to drop by your home for a site survey. The charge for this will be $30 per visit. Alternatively, you may also visit our showroom with your floor plan and seek assistance from our technical advisors. To schedule for an appointment, you may either contact us @ 6288 9190 or email us at

Do your ceiling fans operate in both directions? (Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise)

Our ceiling fans operate in only an anti-clockwise direction.

Do you sell the Mounting Assembly, Bracket or Hook as accessories?

For ceiling fan models W56WV, T60AW, U48FP, U60FW, R48SP & M11SU, the full mounting assembly is available for purchase.

Do you have any models of ceiling fan with LED light?

Yes, we do. Our ceiling fan models U48FP & U60FW are fitted with LED light.

Can the LED light on your ceiling fan be switched off separately?

Yes, it can be done through the remote control. You will be able to turn off and on the light by pressing the “Light Mode” button on the remote control.

Is there a possibility of more than 1 set of ceiling fan being activated by the same remote control?

Yes, ceiling fans of similar or same models can be powered on and off by the same remote control especially if located near one another within the same premise.

Is it compulsory to install a main on & off switch for each ceiling fan?

We encourage our customers to install a separate on & off switch for each ceiling fan and not tag on the light source or wiring.

Will I be able to use the remote control and speed-controlled regulator at the same time for my ceiling fans?

We regret to inform you this is not allowed. There is a high risk of components malfunctioning with time.

Does the one-year warranty cover the remote control of the ceiling fan?

The 1-year warranty does not cover the remote control. In addition, fan blades, regulators and the cosmetic section of the ceiling fans are also not covered as part of the warranty.

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