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Installation of Ceiling Fan

Are there any additional installation charges besides the charge for standard installation that I might need to take note of?

For home owners with false ceiling, you may like to take note of the charge for false ceiling reinforcement which is typically around $250 per fan.

How much is the cost for the standard installation of a ceiling fan?

The cost of a standard installation will be $60 per fan.

What does the standard installation comprise of?

Standard installation includes connecting and mounting of the new fan on an existing electrical point. It will also include dismantle of your old ceiling fan. All other scope of work such as installation of new electrical point or reinforcement of false ceiling will not be covered.

Will I be able to install the ceiling fan on my own?

We strongly encourage you to engage a licensed installer to perform the installation.

Will I be able to install a ceiling fan on my false ceiling?

If your existing false ceiling has been re-enforced properly, there is no issue with installing a ceiling fan. Our authorized installers are able to assist with the false ceiling re-enforcement at $250++ per point.

Are you able to help with the wiring if I do not have an electrical point on my ceiling?

Yes, our service partners charges a rate of $80 to $120 per electrical point. The price will vary depending on the length of the wiring needed. An on & off switch can also be installed at $20 per switch if required.

Are you able to help relocate my old ceiling fan to a different room?

We will be able to help if your old fan is a KDK model. The standard installation charge will be $60 per fan. Additional charges are applicable if required.

Who should I call if I meet with issues after installation of my ceiling fan?

Installation carried out by our service partners comes with a 3-month workmanship guarantee. If you encounter any issues with your ceiling fan after installation, kindly contact the installer directly.

Would you be able to provide painting and patching of my ceiling after installation?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide such services.

Is it necessary to add any balancing kit during installation of my ceiling fan?

KDK ceiling fans do not require installers to add any form of balancing kit during installation. Installers can choose to do pitching for models M48SG, M60SG & M56SR & attempt swopping of fan blades for the rest of the KDK ceiling models if fan wobbles.

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