I had high tea with my friend Jo and her daughter Jane on Sunday. Jane was excited about having gotten the keys to her 4-room BTO flat. As there’s little renovation to do, she and her husband Adam have enough to spend on stuff that matters more, like furnishing and smart appliances. They’re not rushing any decisions because they want their purchases to be worthwhile.

As our terrible weather is a major concern, they are considering multi-split air-conditioners for all the rooms. She asked Jo and me what we thought. Being practical while having an eye for aesthetics, we both asked at once: “What about KDK ceiling fans?” Air-conditioning might be the norm for Singapore’s heat and humidity, but ceiling fans are design-friendly and help to keep an electricity bill manageable. That’s why Jo and I have air-cons as well as KDK fans. Growing up, the brand’s high-quality fans faithfully kept the air around us cool. They did the same for the kids in the family. To this day, I rather enjoy sitting under one in the living room with the windows open during the day.

The blades keep the air circulating over a wide area and, just like an actual breeze, make me feel much cooler.

KDK ceiling fans would definitely look great in any of the rooms in Jane’s new home. They are intelligent and eco-friendly, as well as sleeker and quieter than ever. They also have a reputation for being exceptionally safe to use. In fact, only KDK models come with a Capital Distributors warranty that meets stringent safety standards, and a Singapore Safety Mark sticker.

Thankfully, Jane is not opposed to having ceiling fans – worthwhile investments because of their reliability and durability – as well.

She, Jo and I have set a date to visit the KDK Singapore Showroom soon, but I couldn’t resist checking out the latest energy-saving U60FW and U48FP models ahead of time. On top of being suitable for low-ceiling apartments, they are also the first KDK fans to come in matte black, making them all the more unique-looking, and perhaps even ahead of their time. They come in white as well, and I have to say that they have the sexiest-looking blades. I also picked up on keywords particular to these flash new stars that new millennial homeowners like Jane and her husband should note:

Direct Current Motor (DC). The motor is super important as it keeps a fan running efficiently at any desired speed, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a premium fan motor. The U60FW and U48FP run on a DC motor that’s light, compact, and energy-efficient.

Sleek design. Their stylishly slim 3-D blades silently circulate a consistently strong breeze that covers a wide area while taking up zero floor space.

Blade pitch. For a ceiling fan to work efficiently, the height between the fan and the floor should not be too far apart. If your room has a higher ceiling, the U60FW, with a blade diameter of 150cm, comes with a long rod (there’s also a short version) that lowers the fan while keeping it stable. The U48FP is a flush-mount fan that’s 120cm in diameter and is installed as close to the ceiling as possible.

Speed control. Both have 9-speed control. Simply pick a speed that keeps you comfortable according to your body temperature, the weather or time of day with the LCD wireless remote control.

LED light brightness. Seriously, what’s not to like about a fan that is also a light fixture? You spend less on electricity and won’t need additional electrical points on the ceiling and wall. The U60FW offers three levels of brightness (white/daylight/warm) to suit your mood and well-being while the U48FP comes with a white light.

1/f Yuragi function. This sophisticated fluctuation formula contributes to making both the U60FW and U48FP great investments. By varying the air velocity and controlling the wind force of the fans, it creates a constant, comfortable breeze that allows you to relax and stay cool.

Sleep mode. When this is activated with an on-off timer, the fan will cycle through all speed settings in sequential order until it turns off. This function not only creates an optimal sleeping environment to you, but also aids energy saving.

Safety first. KDK ceiling fans have the world's first Patented Safety Design with a blade safety plate and safety wire that keep the blades from falling, a safety switch that automatically cuts off power when it detects any shaft or bolt damage, a safety wire that secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook, and a thermal safety fuse to protect the motor from power surges.

Right this minute, I’m so loving the idea of matte black and these other features that I am going to get these fans for myself when we visit the showroom. If they run out, well, Jane is just going to have to wait for hers! – Sandra Campbell

Good news! The KDK Singapore Value Add Service invites customers to bring their floor plan to the KDK Singapore Showroom for a free consultation on suitable ceiling fan/s for their home.

Address: 9@Tagore #02-31 to 33, 9 Tagore Lane Singapore 787472.

Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm; Sat: 9am-1pm.

Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

This note is sponsored by Capital Distributors (S) Pte Ltd.